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Hot Flash Sisters

Meet Your Sisters

Hot Flash Sisters is a community of women who share and help each other with all of the issues related to perimenopause. This woman-designed app allows you to advise and learn in the app's discussion boards where you can connect with your Hot Flash Sisters about any topics on your mind.

Track & Chart Your Symptoms

Tap the date. Tap the symptom. Done! Add a personal note if you like. Before your next doctor visit, tap the Create Chart button and the app will send a printable chart of your symptoms to your email for your next medical appointment, making it more productive.

Relevant Content

No one told us hot flashes could start in our mid-30s and continue into our 60s. The same for night sweats, migraines, UTIs, and many other symptoms related to perimenopause. Hot Flash Sisters brings in content from a variety of sources where the focus is insight and support. Visit Website